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Buy It Once Products That Last A Lifetime

Buy It Once Products That Last A Lifetime:

Introducing our As You Like It: Buy It Once Certification. These are toys that, with ordinary care and use, will last a lifetime. Toys that can safely last for your lifetime are beneficial to your sexuality, will save money over time, and promote a more eco-conscious way of shopping. No motorized toys will make the list, because after a certain period of use even the best made motorized toy can break. So, enjoy this (non-exhaustive) list of toys and companies we believe will serve you well as long as you want to use them.
  • Crystal Delights: I am giving Crystal Delight’s entire glass adult toy line. These toys are exceptionally well crafted, and made from properly hardened Borosilicate Glass (often referred to as Pyrex®). The toys are hand-made in the United States. Most of their products feature real Swarovski Crystals in the base, accentuating and already gorgeous product. We are certifying their plugs, dildos, and dilator sets as “Buy It Once” products. Some of their toys come with fun, detachable tails which we are not certifying. This type of glass is exceptionally easy to maintain, difficult to break, and compatible with all lubricants. Crystal Delight moves to the top of my list because of their commitment to charity and giving back to the community.
  • Njoy Toys: Njoy makes only solid metal toys and they don’t make a wide variety, because they don’t have to. Their toys are so well designed, when you pick one up you know you’re holding something special. The Pure Wand is infamous among toy connoisseurs. The toys are so smooth it feels like running your hand over butter. The products are solid stainless steel with no flaws in sight. Don’t be intimidated by metal, the toys fit amazingly in the body and the heft and weight runs from pleasant to incredible. This non-porous, easy to clean, durable beauties will not only last you a lifetime, it would be a challenge to break them without special tools.
  • Aneros: This is another line of products I’m giving a rousing and universal stamp of “Buy It Once” to every toy they make. Aneros is known for their prostate stimulators, but recently introduced vaginal pelvic floor exerciser. The toys are either silicone or medical grade hard plastic. Ordinary use would not crack these toys. There are some lubricant exceptions: no silicone lubricant for the silicone toys and no oil based lubricants at all.
  • Tantus Silicone: Tantus starting making high-quality, medical-grade silicone toys back in 1996 and they are still going strong. Their silicone is hardy, doesn’t degrade over time, and they have a huge variety from dildos to cock rings to plugs for you to peruse. All the silicone toys receive a “Buy It Once” certification from us. They have a range of products outside of silicone toys, and many of their toys come with small vibrators, none of these receive our stamp but many are good products.
  • Fun Factory Silicone: Fun Factory manufactures their medical grade silicone in Germany, with excellent labor and pollution standards. They make fantastic motorized toys, but their solid silicone toys are the ones that receive our “Buy It Once” stamp. The silicone is textured to be velvet smooth even without lubricant, and has all the benefits of being high-grade silicone. Once again, silicone lubricant is a no go with these toys. With minimal upkeep, your solid silicone Fun Factory Toys will be with you for a lifetime.
  • Laid Toys (from Norway): Laid makes non-porous stone toys from waste diverted materials and a line of solid silicone. I’ve gone over medical grade silicone exhaustively already, but this is the first stonework on the list. The stone is durable, works with any lubricant, and is in between in glass and metal in heft. Laid’s dildos and their plug top my list for design, I think the D.1 will go down in sex toy history, and their non-vibrating cock rings and slings will also last a lifetime.
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“Erectile Dysfunction” (“ED”) is the common term for describing a man’s inability to achieve and/or retain an erection and sometimes is paired with lowered libido. That said most men over 50 experience a decline in erectile function, which is an entirely normal attribute of the aging process and the decline of testosterone. Unfortunately, our culture has convinced men that they are lacking if not equipped with a firm erection on demand and Big pharma would have us believe that a softer, less predictable erection is something that couples need to fix with drugs such as Viagra.
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Where is the G-Spot?

[Shown: The Delight by Fun Factory, designed to be a fantastic G-spot toy!]

Where is the G-Spot? The G-Spot, also called the Gräfenberg spot for German gynecologist Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg who in 1944 claimed to have discovered it, is an erogenous zone located within the vagina. When stimulated, the G-Spot is said to produce high levels of sexual arousal and mind-blowing, even ejaculatory, orgasms.

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Happy Anal August everyone! We’re always big fans of lube but when it comes to anal play it’s especially important. Why? First off, comfort- Lube makes everything feel better! Secondly, safety: The delicate skin of the rectum is much more prone to tearing than that of the vagina and even small tears leave you more susceptible to infection. So let’s take a look at some lubes that will help you engage in safe, comfortable anal play!
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