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What does it mean to be an ecosexual?

Welcome to As You Like It. I’m Kim Marks, the owner and founder of As You Like It. It has been a long journey to bring you this website. I have been a forest activist for seventeen years here in the Northwest.  I have worked on everything from climate issues to labor issues to toxins, and I am very excited to use that knowledge to find body-safe products for  our customers. We want to hear from you, so please feel free to leave comments. (more…)

Blog, Education

What Every (Leather) Boy Should Know

What Every (Leather) Boy Should Know:

  • It’s okay to ask questions; just be respectful.
  • Not everybody is/should be/wants to be an alpha.
  • Do what you’re told. Being a “naughty” boy is fun sometimes, but I personally find the joy of Sir getting complemented on her boy’s behavior much more rewarding than the attention gained from acting out in public.