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The Joy of Protocol

The Joy of Protocol:

Protocol is one of my favorite things about being a boy. The structure of protocol allows me the luxury of not worrying about what I’m supposed to do. I already know. For any given situation, I have a full list of actions and reactions. Depending on the level of protocol, I know whether or not I can talk to another individual, or whether I should direct them to Sir for approval first. Protocol gives me all the answers, so I don’t have any distractions to keep me from being attentive to my Sir and the situation in general. I have spent hours on protocol just listening to Sir interact with other leather folk. And that is the true joy of protocol. I don’t have to worry about interactions. I don’t have to worry about my behavior. I don’t have to worry about anything, because on high protocol, I know I’m behaving as well as anyone else in the room. I know my behavior reflects well upon the house and upon my Sir.