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Awesome Lubes For Anal Play

Happy Anal August everyone! We’re always big fans of lube but when it comes to anal play it’s especially important. Why? First off, comfort- Lube makes everything feel better! Secondly, safety: The delicate skin of the rectum is much more prone to tearing than that of the vagina and even small tears leave you more susceptible to infection. So let’s take a look at some lubes that will help you engage in safe, comfortable anal play! (more…)

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Our Favorite Body Safe Toy Materials

Our Favorite Body Safe Toy Materials:

We’ve talked about the importance of making sure your toys are made from body-safe materials because toxic toys are out there (but not here at As You Like It)! Well today we are talking about some of our favorite toy materials all of which are body safe and non porous, meaning they are not only safe (and usually beautiful!) but also super easy to clean! (more…)

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How to Wear a Cock Ring

Cock rings are awesome toys for those who want to experience harder erections.  They restrict blood flow creating a sense of pressure or tightness that people seem to like.  They also look really sexy. But they can do damage if they aren’t used properly, so here at As You Like It, we’ve put together a handy little list on how to safely use a cock ring for the first time.   (more…)

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How to Care For Your Sex Toys

Your sex toys will last longer and be safer if you learn to care for them properly. But there are so many kinds of toys, and no two are alike. How do you know how to clean each toy?

The sheer amount of information out there can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.