Our New COVID-19 Policies

It is with both caution and excitement that we have re-opened our brick-and-mortar storefronts!

While we are overjoyed to be open to the public once again, we also want you to feel safe shopping with us. Please know that we are still taking extreme care to do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community, including the following new policies:

❤️ Our cleaning procedures not only meet, but exceed the CDC guidelines for clean spaces, and our staff will continue to maintain the highest possible standards of hygiene for as long as COVID is a risk to our community.

❤️ As part of our cleaning procedures, we have set up a personal sanitation station just inside our front door, and we ask that our customers use it when they first arrive in our retail space.

❤️ Our staff will be wearing masks while serving you. We ask that all customers bring masks, and wear them while in our store. If you do not have a mask, a disposable mask will be provided for you. You may also choose to purchase a cloth mask at cost from us.

❤️ If you plan to try on lingerie, gender affirming products, or other clothing, please shower before coming to shop. Any clothing item that is tried on and not purchased will be pulled from the sales floor for several days to prevent spread of germs.

❤️ For the safety of all, the number of shoppers allowed in our store at a time will be limited. If you arrive to find our space already at capacity, we ask that you wait your turn to shop. Chairs will be provided at a safe distance from the front door if you must wait.

❤️ Since our in-person events have been postponed for the immediate future, we have converted our event space in Eugene into a gender-affirming, resource, and lingerie space. This will allow for more customers to shop at once while maintaining safe social distancing.

❤️ We will continue to offer private shopping hours, especially for the elderly, vulnerable populations, and essential workers who cannot make it to our regular hours. To book your private shopping hours, visit us on our Facebook Pages, or reach out to your home store by call or text.

❤️ We will continue to offer free curbside pickup, and free shipping on all online orders over $50 when you use the code socialdistancing at checkout.

❤️ For hours and contact information for our two locations, scroll to the very bottom of this page, or visit our Locations page.

Finally, we want to extend a hearty thank you to our community for the support we have received over the past several weeks. We could not have made it through this challenging time without your help. While we know that the challenges are far from over, we feel confident in our ability to persevere, largely thanks to support from all of you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. 

With Love and Gratitude,

Kim Marks and the AYLI Team