Redefining Romance

A white drawing of a griffin with outstretched wings in front of red flowers growing up a black brick wall.

Well, here we are. It’s February, the month of Love & Romance! And soaring in the skies above us, ready to swoop down like a fabulous, white-feathered winged griffin to bestow blessings and celebrations of holy eros and requited romantic love upon us is: Valentine’s Day!

But if we see romantic love as standing atop the pillar above the clouds, worthy of sundering us from all else, we tend to see other relationships as coming secondarily to the romantic duo. In fact, we are often told that nourishing other relationships comes at the expense of our romantic relationship. And we are certainly told that romance has no place other than within our romantic dyad.

And thus the potential woe of February 14th. If our celebration of love only exalts the holy romantic duo, what happens to those not in romantic relationship? What happens to those who intentionally choose a single or solo life? Or those with more than one romantic relationship in their lives? What happens to those in couple-hood who don’t feel the magic of the union? What about those in the romantic union who mourn and miss their lost ties of connection with friends and community?

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