7 Ways to use Bullet Vibrators

1. Bullet vibrators are great for masturbation. Especially for those with clits. Many people can only achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation. And bullet vibes are great for that. They’re small enough to provide pinpoint accuracy and are often powerful enough to get the job done.

2. Bullet vibrators are also great for those with testicles and perineums! Look for a softer silicone bullet for delicate testicles, or a more powerful version for perineum stimulation! Bullet vibrators also work well for those with erectile dysfunction as it can bridge the gap between arousal and ejaculation.

3. Nipples can benefit from bullet vibrators too. Some people can even orgasm from nipple sensation alone.

4. Integrate it into your oral sex routine! Use a bullet vibrator to stimulate your partner’s other erogenous zones while you pleasure them orally.

5. During full body on body sex, you can stick a bullet vibrator between you and your partner to give both of you a little vibrational boost.

6. It’s not recommended that you use bullet vibrators internally (especially anally) unless they have a retrieval cord. But there are some bullet vibrators that can be used that way. Just be careful, especially anally, as things can and will get lost up there.

7. Bullet vibrators can be used as pinpoint massagers, loosening up muscle kinks before a manual massage.

7 Ways to use Bullet Vibrators by As You Like It; The Pleasure Shop

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