Happy Anal August everyone! We’re always big fans of lube but when it comes to anal play it’s especially important. Why? First off, comfort- Lube makes everything feel better! Secondly, safety: The delicate skin of the rectum is much more prone to tearing than that of the vagina and even small tears leave you more susceptible to infection. So let’s take a look at some lubes that will help you engage in safe, comfortable anal play!

When it comes to lube for anal play, you have a couple of options:

1. Water-based

A good thick water-based lubricant can be a great choice for anal play. It provides a nice cushion to protect delicate tissues and keep everything comfortable. A caveat about water-based lube is that it can dry out/get sticky.

Some thick water based lubes we like:

2. Silicone-based

Silicone-based lubricant is popular for anal play because it lasts and lasts and lasts and… well, you get the picture. One thing to keep in mind with silicone lube is that it will not rinse off, it must be washed off with soap and can potentially stain bedding.

Some silicone-based lubes we like:

 3. Oil-based

Oil-based  lubricant is another choice for anal play.It works well because it tends to be both thick and slick. Oil lube also has serious staying power. Oil-based lubricant is not latex compatible so to practice safer sex with it you will need to use non-latex barriers.

Some oil-based lubes we like:

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