AYLI's 2020 Gift Guide

Welcome to The End of 2020!

Let's be honest: it's been a really long, hard year. And frankly, we could all use a little extra pleasure right now. So if you're looking for a great gift for a friend, a partner, or even yourself, here are our best suggestions. Each item on this gift guide is a hand-picked favorite of one of our wonderful staff.

You can browse according to your budget, or if you want to spoil someone really special to you, consider investing in one of our spotlighted items, one of our top items of the year.

Remember that you get free shipping on all orders over $50 when you enter the code justbecause at checkout. Or, people who live locally can select 'Local Pickup' at checkout for free curbside pickup of your gift.

Onda by Lora diCarlo

" If you're looking for the ultimate g-spot vibe, Onda is the one to beat! The incredible finger-stroke sensation created by the kinetic micro-robotics is

totally unique, delivering intense, focused pressure

exactly where you need it most. The stoke is totally customizable in length and speed, so you can explore and find your body's ideal touch. Best of all, the shape and size is perfect - not too big, but not too small. Not too curved, but not too straight. And the firmness allows you to explore all kinds of new angles. This is the ideal toy to lead your g-spot or squirting exploration!"

- Jackie, AYLI Team Member

UVee Ultraviolet Sanitizer

" This is the year I think we all became really aware of our personal hygiene practices. I first brought the UVee home to sanitize all my sex toys, but in 2020, I ended up using it every single day! It's the most convenient way to

quickly and easily sanitize everything I handle a lot,

especially when I leave the house. I especially love that it's a big enough size for all my stuff - my phone, my keys, my wallet, my credit cards, everything! It's super fast, only requiring ten minutes to kill 99% of germs. Eve though I originally got it fr toys, it gives me such peace of mind to know that all of my most frequently-touched items are all actually clean. "

- Emerson, AYLI Team Member

Great Gifts Under $50

Pulse Duo Vibrating Sleeve

" I think this is definitely the coolest stroker I've come across. It's a totally singular experience! The unique tapping feeling of the small oscillating plate mixed with the overall vibration of the sleeve feels so nice. It's a

really deep, thuddy sensation that's like no other!

What's really cool about Pulse is that it's specifically designed to stimulate more blood flow and increase sensitivity to the penis, but doesn't actually require an erection to be used! And the sensations feel just as good regardless of how erect the person using it is. Adding Pulse to oral creates an amazing experience, and the vibrating underside makes it very easy to share the stimulation with a partner. It brings foreplay to the next level! "

- Del, AYLI Team Member

Great Gifts Under $100

We-Vibe Smart Wand

" Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good bath, so the fact that this wand is fully submergible is what makes it my pick. I love that the subtle, arched shape gives very gentle vibration on the handle, making this the ideal wand if you have any mobility or grip issues in your hands. I also really love the two amazing, body-safe attachments it comes with: one is

like a million little tongues moving all over your body,

and the other is perfectly sized to use as a stroker for a penis. It can be controlled by app, and it's so much fun to draw your own totally unique vibration patterns to play with. All this versatility is why this wand really is the best toy that couples can get themselves, regardless of their anatomy! "

- Kim, AYLI Owner & Founder

WeVibe Wand

We hope that you like our selections! And if we forgot to include your top 2020 pick, drop a comment down below to let us know what awesome pleasure product we neglected to mention!

Most importantly, thank you to all of our customers, loyal supporters, and our community. We couldn't have made it through 2020 without your help, and we are so incredibly grateful for you all.

We at the As You Like It team want to wish you a safe and happy holiday season. Remember to take care of each other through the long winter. Better days are coming soon! And we will be there to celebrate them with you.

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