Here at As You Like It all of our toys are both body safe and environmentally friendly. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be taking a look, one at a time, at some of our favorite toy materials. We’re going to kick off our toy material tour with the wonder that is wood

Why on earth would you make a sex toy out of wood?

Because it’s awesome!

Seriously though, wood toys are are beautiful, unique, effective and made from a sustainable material. Wood toys are an awesome gift for the ecosexual in your life.

The question we hear over and over with wooden toys is “But won’t they give me splinters?” The answer is “Of course not!” At least not high quality toys and that’s all we sell. Wooden sex toys fit in the category of non-porous, body safe toys.

Find all of our Nobessence toys here

What exactly is Lubrosity? Well it involves a medical grade coating that makes them totally smooth and shiny (they glide over the skin with very little lube) and allow for these toys to be cleaned with a mild bleach solution between partners (most wooden toys cannot withstand that)

Oh! we’re leaving out the most important part! How do wooden toys feel? This can vary company to company but we can speak for the ones we carry- They feel pretty rad! The intuitive shapes combined with the lightness of the toys make them some of the most surefire pleasure-providers we’ve found! We especially love the Fling (top of the page) the Seduction and the Romp.

Beautiful, sustainable, easily cleaned and amazing to use- that’s wooden sex toys! Body Safe Earth-Friendly Toy Materials


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