Loyalty Terms

Terms of Use for our Loyalty Cards

  1. Purchases totaling at $25 or more will qualify you for one punch. You may not combine purchases of less than $25 to count toward one punch. Once your entire card has been punched, we will thank you with a gift card to our store for $20.
  2. Punch cards will remain at As You Like It at all times to avoid counterfeiting and losing the cards. In order to get your punches, please ask for them at the time of purchase. Cards must be Punched at the time of purchase. We are in the process of converting to a digital program to ensure proper tracking and rewarding.
  3. Multiple partially punched cards cannot be combined to earn a gift card.
  4. Punches have no cash value and cannot be exchanged, sold, or assigned any external value.
  5. You may get credit for your purchases made through our website by entering “Loyalty Card Member” in the “Comments” section during checkout.
  6. When you fill a card, you will receive your gift card immediately afterward. You are always welcome to contact the shop to inquire about how many punches you have left to go.
  7. The punch card is the sole property of As You Like It, and we reserve the right to revoke your card or accumulated punches at any time.