Archive of Events - Eugene

In the past, we have hosted a wide variety of events and workshops at our Eugene location.
See the current events at our Eugene location!

- 2020 -

November 22nd, Wednesday, 3pm - 5pm: Building a Consent Culture. $10.

October 29th, Thursday, 7pm - 8:30pm: Sex Questions Cards Virtual Game Night. $10.

October 18th, Sunday, 1pm - 3pm: How to Sell Erotic Writing. $20.

October 8th, Thursday, 6pm - 7pm: Navigating Perimenopause & Menopause. $5.

September 23rd, Wednesday, 6pm - 7pm: Finding Gender-Diverse Healthcare and Support Services. FREE.

September 13th, Sunday, 3pm - 4pm: Intro to Erotic Writing. $20.

July 10th, Friday, 6pm - 7pm: Science of the Scene & Making the Most of Aftercare. $10.

June 27th, Saturday, 11:30am - 2pm: Polyam High Tea. $10.

June 28th, Sunday, 3pm - 5pm: How to Sell Erotic Writings. $20.

June 14th, Sunday, 1pm - 2pm: Intro to Erotic Writing. $20.

May 13th, Wednesday, 6pm - 8pm: Libido in the Long Term Relationship. $10.

March 11th, Wednesday, 6pm - 8pm: Understanding Libido in Lesbian Relationships. $10.

February 22nd, Saturday, 11:30am - 2pm: Polyam High Tea. $10/suggested donation.

February 15th, Saturday, 1:00pm - 4pm: Rope Bondage Foundations: Crab, Frog, & Hog Tie $25/person.

February 1st, Sunday, 11:30am - 2pm: Kegels: Am I Doing Them Right? $10/person.

February 1st, Sunday, 11:30am - 2pm: Making Sex More Accessible$10/person.

January 25th, Saturday, 11:30am - 2pm: Polyam High Tea$10/suggested donation.

January 18th, Saturday, 2pm - 4pm: Cupping & Cooldown$10.

- 2019 -

December 28th, Saturday, 11:30am - 2pm: Polyam High Tea$10/suggested donation.

December 7th, Saturday, 5pm-7pm: Connective Rope$20/pair.

November 2nd, Saturday, 1pm-4pm: Rope Bondage Foundations$20/person.

October 27th, Sunday, 1pm - 3pm: Naughty Pumpkin Carving$10. Bring your own pumpkin!

October 26th, Saturday, 11:30-2pm: Polyam High Tea. Suggested donation: $10.

September 28th, Saturday, 11:30am - 2pm: Polyam High TeaFREE, donations appreciated!

September 20th, Friday, 6:30 pm-8:30pm: Deepening Attunement: TRE for Couples$55/couple.

September 22nd, Sunday, 2-4pm: Horror Pinup Erotic Coloring$10.

August 24th, Saturday, 11am - 1pm: Polyam High TeaFREE, donations appreciated!

June 22nd, Saturday 1-4 pm: Rope Bondage Foundations$20/each.

June 26th, Wednesday 6-8 pm: As You Read It Book ClubFREE.

June 19th, Wednesday 5:30-7:30: Art Opening featuring Melina BakerFREE.

June 8th - June 9th, Saturday - Sunday: Festival-Wear PopupFREE.

June 7th, Friday 6-8 pm: Connective Rope$20/pair.

May 13th Monday 6pm-8pm Embracing Pleasure for Women $15.

May 9th, Thursday 6-9 pm: Safe Sex for the Person and the Worker. $30.

May 3rd, Friday 6pm-8pm: Connective Rope. $10. RSVP Here!

May 5th Local Makers vendor fair 11-6. FREE.

April 24th, Wednesday 6-8pm: As You Read It Book Club. FREERSVP Here!

April 7th, Sunday 1-3pm: Adaptive Sex: Pleasure for Every Body. $10RSVP Here!

April 18th, Thursday 6-9pm: Racism vs Race Play. $25Tickets! |  Sign up here!

- 2018 -

Dec 7th Friday 7pm-9pm: Connective Rope $10.00 per couple or buddy.

Nov 24th Sat Local Vendors Fair.

Nov. 18th Sunday 1pm-2:30 Harness Play for Everyone and Every Body.

Oct 21st Sunday 1pm-3pm. Professional pumpkin carver Richard McConochie will be on hand to demonstrate and provide guidance for a pumpkin carving workshop. Lets make naughty pumpkins

Oct 7th Sunday 7pm-9pm: A Taste of Tantra by with Amara Karuna and Ray Adastra.

Augest 13th Monday 6:00pm-8:00pm: Eight Simple Steps to Limitless Self Love with Zach Beach

July 22nd Sunday come celebrate our 1/2 birthday with us we will be 3 and a half this year! From noon-3pm.

May 9th 6:pm-8:00pm: Erotic Elixirs: creating sexual vitality with herbal aphrodisia. Sam Roberts, Clinical Herbalist & Nutritional CounselorWolf Star Herbs ~ Medicine for the Body & the Spirit.

- 2017 -

June 25th 2017 6:30pm-8:30pm: One Size Does Not Fit All: Exploring a Menu of Relational Options
Kick off session to a monthly relational group meeting!

March  19th 2017 6pm-8pm Feel What You Want So You Can Ask for What You Want :

- 2016 -

Nov15th 7pm-8:30pm GREAT SEX FOR MOMS Details

June 20th 8pm-9:30pm Here Come The Ecosexuals with Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens, Ph.D.s!

May 26th Perimenopause Sailing the Hormonal Sea https:With our own Sex-Educator Gail Karuna-Vetter.

April 13th 7pm-10pm  Rope: Control & Dominance Moves, by Midori

April 24th 6pm-7:30 SEXING THE TRANSMAN with Buck Angel

March 23rd Spanking Workshop & book signing With Janet Hardy

March 14th Communication In Consensual Power-Play Relationships.With our own Sex-Educator Gail Karuna-Vetter

Feb 14th 6pm The Art of Self Loving with DR. VICTORIA HARTMANN!

Feb 16th 7:30pm Art of Cunnilingus with Dr.Victoria Hartmann

Feb17th:Navigating Ethical Non-Monogamy in Kink/BDSM Relationships:Boundaries, Safe words and 80/20 Principle

- 2015 -

NOV17th  Trans/Gender Diverse Sexual Health Workshop With our own Oblio Z Stroyman & Kim Marks


JUN 25th Kink for couples - You're bound to have fun! by the The Happy Kinky Couple

MAY 11th Mixing Up Masturbation! Tips and Tricks for Titillating Touch Led by our own by Sexperts

APR 29th Erectile Dysfunction: Strategies for a Hard Topic led by Mark Flowers

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