Our Values

As You Like It Values

Eco-sexual Eco-conscious, green, non-toxic

As You Like It strives to be the leader in Eco-Sexuality! We realize that most gadgetry by its  nature is not eco-friendly, but through wiser consumer choices, we can choose environmentally friendlier products that minimize our impacts on the biosphere. By offering higher quality products that last longer than cheap plastic toys, we hope to minimize the “disposable” mentality. We offer many choices of rechargeable toys to keep toxic batteries out of our landfills. And we picked  body-friendly products that are non-toxic to yourself , to the environment or tested on animals. By sourcing locally, most of our products have a low carbon footprint. In addition to our non-toxic products, we use recycled paper and earth-conscious practices in our offices. To put our money where our mouths are, we actively contribute to non-profit campaigns in defense of the natural world and in support of our personal health. As Annie Sprinkle & Elizabeth Stephens say: “We are eco-sexuals who have vowed to love, honor, and cherish the Earth, Sky and Sea until death brings us closer together forever.”

Gender & Sexuality Expression Inclusive

We embrace and celebrate all sexualities, genders and gender expression.  We feel that acceptance has a long way to go in the retail realm. As You Like It creates an environment that is inclusive of a diversity of sexualities and genders, as well as those who may feel out of place in other adult shops for a variety of reasons.  We have thoughtfully sought out products that we believe will enhance the sex lives of folks from all parts of the sexual universe!

Sex Positive

What does it mean to be sex positive? It means embracing our sexual selves for fulfilling, happy, healthy lives and celebrating exploration, curiosity, expression, mutuality, open communication, fulfilling relationships with our lovers and with ourselves. We want to help build our sexual vocabularies to broaden our ability to express our deepest desires and fantasies. Being sex positive means eliminating shame from the framework of our discussions and expressions of our sexuality. We live in a world where hypersexualization (and, ironically, sexual repression), objectification, homophobia and gender restriction remain the norm. Sex positive We also recognize that sex may not be a positive experience for those healing from sexual assault or trauma. As You Like It wishes to be a safe resource for those in recovery.

Body Positive

We are amazonian, curvaceous, burly, lanky, voluptuous, rubenesque, androgynous, svelte, husky, rotund, long & lean, petite, waifish, portly, corpulent, angular, chesty, cherubic, bodacious, voluminous, diminutive, elfin… and we are beautiful. We know how convincing that critic inside can be when you’re looking in the mirror. We’re here to tell you that confidence is sexy, no matter your shape, size or ability. We offer products that will help you bust out your sexy with confidence and flair. We also strive to offer products that are adaptable to your level of physical ability. Everyone deserves good sex!

Socially Aware

Our relationship with our suppliers and manufacturers is just as important as the ones we build with our customers. We search out companies that create products with the health of the consumer and the environment in mind. We also consider their general business practices such as labor, location and participation in promoting sex-positivity.

Local First

One of our long-term goals is to feature mostly — if not all — domestically produced products.  By sourcing as much of our inventory from the greater Northwest region as possible, we will support the local economy. Through media outreach, we will search out products from small, local businesspeople to replace products that come from further away. We  hire local people to work in the shop, promote local artists, authors and performers with our workshops and events. We view our goals as evolutionary, and will always be updating products and sources as better choices become available.

Education and Activism

Our staff come to us with strong backgrounds in sex positive, environmental and community-related activism experiences. Staff education is ongoing and part of our commitment to excellent customer service Knowledge gained is knowledge shared to assist our customers in making the best choices, increasing the value of their purchases. We participate in the larger sex-positive community, staying current with events, policies and the social impacts of healthy sex education. We offer fun and educational workshops to educate and advocate for positive change in our lives and community.

Customer Service

Our goal is to remove the awkwardness and uncertainty from shopping for your pleasure needs. Our staff is diverse and friendly and will happily answer your questions and requests for product recommendations based on personal experience. Human beings are on-hand during business hours to field your phone calls; emails sent to: info@asyoulikeitshop.com will be answered in 24-48 hours.


As You Like It wishes to participate in active conversation with our customers. We encourage product rating and reviews and welcome product feedback and suggestions for new items you may wish for us to carry. We also wish to be a valuable educational resource on healthy sex and relationships. We will soon be launching a monthly online chat session with leaders in specific focus areas to field your questions and input. Be sure to sign up for our online newsletter to be sent to your email inbox monthly, and don’t forget to follow our blog. We host workshops and events in the local Eugene area so that we can meet customers face-to-face.

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