Liberator Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount

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Experience a whole new level of hands-free delight with the expertly designed Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount.

Part supportive positioning aid, part sex toy holder, this Shape is crafted to offer you complete control and freedom while using your favorite wand massager.



The Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount is constructed so that you can experience the freedom to explore with yourself and even with a partner, with no assembly required. To use, simply push your wand into the open ended slot, leaving its head out, and pull the cord through other end to plug in. To increase speed and intensity of your wand there’s even a window to see and access the control panel. This product is designed with the Hitachi Magic Wand in mind, but may be compatible with many other wand-style toys.

This versatile shape also adds great support and works ideally while laying down with your hips slightly curved over the toy, or while standing at the side of the bed. For even more intense pleasure, try leaning over the toy and using the shape for added comfort.

With or without the wand, you can experience deeper penetration and angles for increased stimulation all while feeling completely comfortable.

Delivered vacuum compressed. * Please Note: wand sold separately. Shop our selection of wand vibrators here!

Axis Magic Wand Mount Pillow Specifications:

Material: Velvish
Fabric Details: Plush Faux Velvet & 100% Polyester
Cover: Machine Washable Microfiber
Liner: Polyester
Foam: Supportive Polyurethane
Dimensions: 20″ x 20″ x 7″

Why is this product in our Sex and Age / Sex and Disability categories?

Liberator Position Pillows are the undisputed rulers of the position-aid game. And because some people have limited physical abilities, or their body’s abilities have changed over time, Liberator Pillows are some of the best options we have for older folks or people with physical disabilities. These pillows are ideal for helping manage chronic pain, support you wherever you most need it, and improve comfort in any position. Liberator pillows also feature a layer of waterproof fabric beneath the plush, and both layers are machine washable, making them the perfect easy clean-up choice for incontinence.

The Axis Magic Wand toy mount is especially ideal for those who need a little extra support, but also want a hands-free pleasure experience! Because of how conveniently this wand mount holds your favorite toy, it’s easy to put the wand in place and then simply lie over the pillow to get incredible hands-free stimulation. This is also a very easy way to add vibration to intercourse for those who may not be able to hold a toy in place. With Axis, your hands are free to explore other avenues of pleasure!

Additional information

Weight 58 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in


2 reviews for Liberator Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount

  1. Avatar of megan.maddern730


    This is perfect if you’re wanting to find your partner’s”special spot” more easily. The cushion lifts and supports nicely so you have the perfect view.

  2. Avatar of River


    This cushion is great for solo play or with partner(s). I like being able to have a wand held stable and in place while other things are happening behind me. It’s also a great cushion for positioning in general, even if you don’t pair it with a wand. The washable cover makes it simple to use and take care of.

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