Hydro Douche Standard by Bathmate




The new Bathmate HydroDouche utilizes only the best materials and build quality to satisfy all your douching needs. Not only is it simple to use, it has also been proven to be very effective. The HydroDouche puts the user in control with a gravity fed system that prevents spikes in pressure or temperature.

Each component of the HydroDouche is made using medical grade material to ensure safe, hygienic use.

The HydroDouche features a nine-inch flexible silicone tube and comfort ball tip with ergonomically designed water spouts for deep, thorough cleaning.

A hygienic wand holder is also included to keep the nozzle way from contaminates.

The  Hydro Douche Standard by Bathmate comprises:

    • Adjustable Securing Strap
    • Mounting Bracket/Hydro Wand Holder
    • Hydro Chamber
    • Chamber Connector
    • Hose
    • Flow Regulator
    • Hydro Wand Connector
    • Hydro Wand


Additional information

Weight 32 oz


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