Anal Pleasure and Health


For many years the focus of fear and disgust, the anus is actually one of the human body’s most wondrous creations-elegant, efficient, and richly supplied with pleasure nerves.

However, stress and ignorance can turn the anus and its functions from a source of delight into a painful disability. What’s needed is an owner’s manual-and here it is!

Join therapist and sexologist Jack Morin, Ph.D., on this tour of the anus, complete with information and exercises to open the door to new sources of comfort and gratification.



With this book, you’ll unlearn habits that can cause everything from hemorrhoids to chronic pelvic pain. In addition, if you choose to, learn new ways of achieving solo and partnered pleasures through this humblest of portals.

The first part of this book deals with the more private aspects of anal exploration. Other people participate only through their memory, imagination or fantasies. The latter part focuses on how to include the anal area comfortably and safely in sensual and sexual play with others.

Each chapter begins with relevant information from the fields of anatomy and physiology, medicine or psychology. Then, a section entitled “experience” presents simple things to do. This section is intended to help you apply new information, in concrete and practical ways, to your own behavior. The “response” section should help you integrate new information and experience into your life. Here I discuss feelings you might have as a result of your experiences,  blocks that might get in your way, and possibilities for positive change.

256 Pages.

Jack Morin, Ph.D., has been studying the erotic adventure as a clinician and researcher for more than three decades, often delving into uncharted territory. He is the author of The Erotic Mind, an in-depth guide to what turns us on-and why. He’s a professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies as well as a faculty member at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. He practices psychotherapy and sex therapy in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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