Drift Warming Bullet Vibrator by Lora diCarlo


Heat up to warm and buzzy with Drift, a handheld bullet vibrator that has some seriously sensational upgrades!

Its ergonomic design pinpoints your G-spot or clitoris with powerful, intense, rumbly vibrations for deep internal or external pleasure. It’s totally customizable too, with seven intensity settings and three vibration patterns.

Plus, Drift’s warming feature creates a lush experience no matter the season! Drift heats to just above body temp, for a relaxing touch. Whether you’re a beginner, an explorer, going solo or playing with a partner, you’ll be more than pleased with Drift!



Drift is a luxurious warming bullet vibrator that employs cutting-edge technology to quickly heat to a cozy 104° F / 40° C, or just above body temp. Its careful design makes it easy to target that heat on your G-spot, clitoris or any external erogenous zone for maximum pleasure. WarmSense™ technology promises to deliver even, consistent warmth throughout for enhanced circulation, arousal, and relaxation.

Drift’s ergonomic silhouette is shaped to stimulate. It easily curves to your body, pleasuring both outside and in. And its external stimulation point is designed to deliver deeper, more precise stimulation to the vulva, encouraging G-spot and clitoral exploration.

Drift warming vibrator was intentionally designed for all experience levels, especially first-time explorers. Its non-phallic silhouette makes it an approachable, versatile item whether you are new to pleasure products, or G-spot exploration in general. With 7 customizable levels of intensity and 3 vibration patterns, you can choose your desired level of stimulation. (Be warned, these vibes are extremely powerful while fully powered – you won’t be disappointed!)

Drift’s shape accommodates both internal and external stimulation. Its external stimulation point is specially contoured outward for pinpointed G-spot, clitoral or all-over vulva massages. Drift can also be used on any external erogenous zone, so feel free to get creative during foreplay with your partner, or self-stimulation! (See also: nipple play, external perineum stimulation, and deep-tissue shoulder massages!)

Lora DiCarlo’s unique, conductive polymer heating technology allows Drift to heat rapidly, so that you can stay in the moment. We implemented this effective heating technology to provide a comfortable experience for all users, simulating a ‘human touch’ experience as closely as possible. Advanced heating will relax the muscles during use, and deliver a more enhanced sensory experience from start to finish.

We ensure that Drift, Tilt and Sway have been thoroughly tested for electrical compliance, and with normal use there are no risks associated. Our thermal conductive polymer tech will never exceed 104° / 40° C.

Drift is coated in velvety-soft, medical-grade silicone (like the entire Lora DiCarlo product collection). It has a semi-firm hardness, which is a vital component when it comes to deep stimulation, and achieving G-spot orgasm.

Clean Drift thoroughly after every use. Since Drift is fully submersible, you can run it under warm water with antibacterial soap or pleasure product cleaner to rinse residue safely effectively.

Note: Do not use Drift for anal use, as it does not have a flared base. For a warming anal play exploration, we recommend Tilt by Lora diCarlo!

Total height 138 mm / 5.43 in
Total width 29 mm / 1.14 in
Insertable length 80 mm / 3.15 in
Stimulation point width 26 mm / 1.02 in

Additional information

Weight 25 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 in


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