Two Fingers Extender by Wet For Her


The Two Finger Extender by Wet For Her is a firm favorite, and it is easy to see why!

Designed to ergonomically accommodate two of your fingers comfortably and securely, the Two Finger Extender provides a pleasurable elongation while maintaining control. This ensures you reach the right spot!

It’s perfect for penetration, saving nails, and much more! Made entirely from medical grade silicone, the Two Finger Extender is super soft to touch and body safe.



Why choose the Two Fingers Extender?

Two Fingers Extender by Wet For Her enhances the experience between two partners by extending finger length comfortably and securely. This toy’s supple material transfers the feeling of internal body temperature and muscle contractions so there’s no barrier to intimacy.

The Two is based on two fingers, side by side in the position to finger bang. The silicone Two is half sleeve, half finger-extension. Slip on the Two, add toy-safe lubricant, and feel your way around. Discover your partner. It will slip in very nicely and if you turn the sleeve in different directions, the Two will just find more angles to please.  100% silicone, Phthalates free. Toy Two is ideal for G-Spot stimulation.

Wet For Her Sizing Chart

Name Insertable Length Diameter Fingers Firmness
TWO 4.7” 1.38” 3 2
FOUR 4.7” 1.38” 3 3
FIVE Small 5.1” 1.1” 2 3
FIVE Medium 5.1” 1.38” 3 3
FIVE Large 5.5” 1.65” 4 3
FUSION Small 5.3” 1.18” 2 3
FUSION Medium 5.3” 1.37” 3 3
FUSION Large 5.7” 1.53” 4 3
UNION Small 5.9” 1.06”, Bulb: 1.45” 2 3
UNION Medium 5.9” 1.38”, Bulb: 1.45” 3 3
UNION Large 5.9” 1.61”, Bulb: 1.45” 4 3

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 4 in



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