Echo Handle by Tantus


The Tantus Echo Handle is a new version of our classic Echo toy, with an ergonomic grip handle for thrusting.

The Echo’s ridged design targets the G-spot, and the entire toy is made of Tantus’ own unique blend of Ultra Premium Silicone.

This toy is great for those who may have problems holding other toys for long periods of time, or have limited hand mobility.



Echo Handle Dildo by Tantus has a maximum Diameter of 1.5″, and an insertable length of 7″.

The fact that all Tantus Toys are made entirely of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone, makes them extremely easy to clean. For a quick cleaning, simply wash with antibacterial soap and water. The premium quality of Tantus silicone also allows for it to be boiled for 2 minutes. For the most complete and thorough cleaning don’t hesitate to toss your Tantus Toy on the top rack of the dishwasher. Just don’t let anyone help with the dishes! Let the toy air dry completely or dry with a lint free cloth before storing. With minimal care, Tantus Toys can last a lifetime.

Why is this product in our Sex and Disability category?

Some people have trouble reaching their genitalia, whether due to body shape or limited mobility. But the Echo Handle Dildo is a toy with plenty of extra length, making it much more easy to reach the right spot. In addition, the shaft of the toy is stiff enough to retain its shape even under slight pressure, and the handle itself features a grooved grip area. Therefore, G-Force is easier to hold, insert, and thrust than most toys, making it a go-to choice for folks who find it challenging or painful to grip and control small objects.

For best results, we recommend pairing the Echo Handle Dildo with a gentle moisturizing lubricant, like Aloe Cadabra’s unscented formula.

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Weight 12 oz


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