Date Nights Pick-A-Stick Game


Providing tons of inspiration for date night, Intimate Encounters presents a fun pick-a-stick game for couples.

Inside the cylinder, you will find 100 creative, classic and quirky ideas for a great night (or day) out. Scatter the sticks on the floor or bed and pick one with your eyes closed if you’re feeling spontaneou, or choose one you both love.



Whenever you need a date night idea, select an idea stick. Ideal for new lovers and long-time companions, these sticks keep the romance alive.

From ‘Go people watching, but have popcorn, so it’s really obvious what you are doing it’ to ‘Play three-legged miniature golf’ and ‘Rent out a hotel room or bed and breakfast that has a private hot tub for you to share,’ the possibilities of this game are endless.

100 ways to keep your dates interesting!

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