Sex Question Cards: A Game for Curious People


Are you a curious person? Do you want to encourage more open conversation about sex? Looking for something to spice up your friends’ next hangout night? Try Sex Question Cards: A Game for Curious People.

It is possible to talk about sex the way foodies talk about food, with great detail and delight. Anyone can learn to be more comfortable on this terrain, it just takes practice.

Part of the mission for these cards is to provide a fun way to talk about sex, not only between lovers, but between friends and groups of friends too. We are sexual beings all the time, whether or not we have a partner(s) at any given time.

​Have fun and be curious!



These Sex Question Cards were developed for use in a sex education workshop called “Getting More Comfortable Talking About Sex”. They are designed to help give people a context to practice talking about sex that is both fun and engaging.

Talking about sex is like any other skill, we learn it with practice. As you answer these questions over and over, your answers will evolve and get more nuanced as your self-understanding grows. Enjoy!

There are 56 cards total in the deck. This includes 54 questions, one card with instructions, and one with the backstory of how the cards evolved. The Sex Question Cards deck is the size of a standard deck of playing cards.

“My partner and I have been together a long time, I thought the cards would be amusing but didn’t think I would learn anything new. To my surprise, I did! We opened some new doors of sex play together. Thanks!” -Chris

“Our group of friends is pretty open and we joke about sex a lot. We laughed pretty hard playing this game, and it also made it easier to talk about some of the same topics in regular life.” -Deondre

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