Ultimate Thigh Harness


The Ultimate Thigh Harness is here to revolutionize strap on play! With an adjustable nylon strap and genuine leather base, it can be wrapped around a thigh, pillow, blanket, or more! The secure buckle makes it easy to put on and remove, and it fits up to 39″.

Made in America, the Ultimate Thigh Strap On also features an interchangeable o-ring, which allows for a range of toy sizes.



The Ultimate Thigh harness takes your strap game to the next level; change up your positions and open doors to new routes of pleasure. Ideal for folks with mobility issues, this thigh harness can be used while sitting or laying down and takes pressure off of the torso for the wearer. Alternatively, wrap the strap around a pillow or blanket during solo play for a hands-free ride!

This harness features an adjustable black nylon strap paired with a genuine leather base, plus a sturdy release buckle! The included nitrile o-ring can be swapped out for different material rings or different sizes to meet your desires. Simply unsnap the four leather straps, choose your new ring, and snap into place. A great option for more sizes is the Nitrile Ring 3 Pack!

Ultimate Thigh Harness Measurements

  • Total Length: 39″ / 99 cm
  • Nylon Strap Width: 2″ / 5 cm
  • Length of Leather Base: 9″ / 23 cm
  • Width of Leather Base: 5″ / 12.7 cm
  • Nitrile O-Ring Diameter: 2″ / 5 cm

About the Company

Kookie International is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality fetish wear and bondage gear. Located in San Francisco, California, they supply to top caterers of leather community throughout the globe.

Why is this product in our Sex and Age / Sex and Disability category?

One of the largest challenges for people with mobility limitations, whether due to age or disability, is achieving comfortable and sustainable penetration. For some, moving the hips to achieve the desired thrusting sensation can be either challenging or impossible. The Ultimate Thigh Harness takes the need for hip movement out of the equation! Some people may be able to move their legs more easily than their pelvis, making penetration an option again. For others who lack mobility in their legs entirely, the thigh harness can easily be worn to allow the receiving partner to sit on the lap and go for a ride, either in a wheelchair or on a bed. The Ultimate Thigh Harness opens up new penetration possibilities for all, regardless of age or ability.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 3 in


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