La Palma Hand Harness by SpareParts


For those who want to get a grip on their sex toys, Spareparts Hardware has the perfect solution: the new La Palma Hand Harness.

Made from comfortable and easy-to care for neoprene, the La Palma does exactly what you’d want it to: comfortably fit an o-shaped opening to your hand to attach any harness-compatibly toy.

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Wonder how the La Palma Hand Harness would handle a variety of dildo widths? No problem, included in the kit is 3 Ringo grips, made specifically to prevent attachments with small or flimsy bases from pulling through the built-in o-ring.

Wish it vibrated? La Palma has not just one but two pockets built in on either side of the o-ring holster.

Sound like a lot of parts to keep up with? No worries, each La Palma comes with a compartmentalized zipper pouch to store it all.

Why is this product in our Sex and Age / Sex and Disability category?

One of the largest challenges for people with mobility limitations, whether due to age or disability, is achieving comfortable and sustainable penetration. For some, moving the hips to achieve the desired thrusting sensation can be either challenging or impossible. La Palma Hand Harness takes the need for lower body movement out of the equation! This hand harness opens up new penetration possibilities for all, regardless of age or ability. La Palma is an excellent suggestion for customers with arthritis, carpal tunnel or any other muscular issues that might make holding a toy for extended periods of time difficult.

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