Sex Is Fun! by Kidder Kapers


Sex Is Fun! Creative Ideas for Exciting Sex by Kidder Kapers

A fully illustrated, interactive, and completely original sex manual, combining the innovative look of a graphic novel with nonfiction advice and activities for fearless fun in bed!



Host of the wildly popular Sex Is Fun podcast, Kidder Kapers brings unique approaches to the topic of lovemaking. In his first book, Kaper reinvents the sex manual. He does this using whimsical cartoon characters as well as stylishly illustrated pages to deliver his singular sexpertise.

Sex Is Fun! is for anyone looking for creative ways to spice up their sex lives! In addition, couples seeking long-term solutions for keeping their relationship exciting. Both entertaining and informative, it offers a fresh take on sex toys, talking dirty, sizzling foreplay, erotic massage, inventive positions, role-playing, and other tips for a mind-blowing experience.

With clever illustrations and humorous dialogue, Kaper’s titillating tour surpasses other books in the category. He successfully takes the intimidation out of sex play and offering workbook-style activities and games. Examples include the candid Sexual Interest Inventory and the What Scares You? questionnaire. Read solo or with a partner, these thirty-six chapters will help couples enhance communication, explore new territory, and reach higher levels of pleasure and fulfillment.

224 pages

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