Fantastical Fairy Friends Coloring Book


Are you tired of the same idealized fairies? All of the models in this book are friends of the author and their body shapes and sizes are unchanged. The artist invites you to meet their friends through the medium of coloring.

This book includes 40 beautiful drawings to color! Each is hand drawn and features exquisite line-work from an illustrator with over 20 years of experience. Each drawing is on its own sheet (printed one sided), so you can worry less about bleed through.

The paper works well with pencils, crayons, and even markers (with the recommendation that you put a sheet behind). Variety is the spice of life and this collection includes designs of various complexities, so you don’t always have to choose something intricate. There are some lovely tessellating fairies and butterflies, but this is not a pattern-heavy coloring book.

There are some that say coloring is relaxing, but more importantly, it is fun, and this is a fairy fun coloring book!



Paperback. 48 Pages.

What people have said about other coloring books by Richard:

“It is a delight to color and dream with these pages!” – Margarita O’Brien

“It is a joy to bring these pages to life. The line work is superb and the imagination and thought that went into this work will make you happy as you imagine fantastical worlds.” – Novinha

Richard McConochie is a Eugene, Oregon based artist, photographer, and architectural designer adept in multiple media. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy and Fine Art from Oregon State University and a Master’s in Architecture from the University of Oregon. He is self taught in digital and ink illustrating, which are his primary media, as well as being a professional pumpkin carver and has done murals up to 1,600 SF. While interested in art throughout his life, Richard has become highly prolific in the last few years, creating new art daily. His hope is that his art inspires creativity and elicits joy in others


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