Girls Will Be Boys Will Be Girls Will Be… Coloring Book


Girls Will be Boys Will be Girls is a funny and provocative deconstruction of traditional gender roles.

The coloring book form is a subversive and playful way to examine how perversive stereotypes about gender are in every aspect of our lives, especially the ones that are so ingrained we don’t even notice. This book pokes fun at the tired constraints of gender normativity, and makes it okay to step outside the lines.



This updated edition of the iconic coloring book Girls Will Be Boys Will Be Girls Will Be… by Jacinta Bunnell contains all new illustrations and questions for contemplation. In this groundbreaking coloring book, you will meet girls who build drum sets and fix bikes, boys who bake and knit, and all manner of children along the gender spectrum. Children are tender, vulnerable, tough, zany, courageous, and gentle, no matter what their gender. This coloring book is for all the heroic handsome beauties of the world and for everyone who has ever colored outside the lines—a reminder that we never need to compromise ourselves to fit someone else’s idea of who we ought to be.

32 original illustrations with captions like “Calvin, baking is fun and all, but we can make a rad drum set out of these pots and bowls” and “Don’t let gender box you in” offer light-hearted, fun ways to deconstruct gender for both children and adults.

Featuring illustrations by Giselle Potter, Nicole Georges, Kristine Virsis, Simi Stone, Jacinta Bunnell, Nicole Rodrigues, Richard Wentworth, and many more, this is the perfect book for the gender creative person in your life. The future is gender fabulous.

This coloring book is SFW and appropriate for all ages!

“A perfect alternative to gender-saturated Disney fare.”
Bitch magazine

“A great inexpensive gift for kids age 5 to 95.”
Curve magazine

“If I had had this coloring book when I was little, I think things would have been a little easier for me, and when you’re little a little easier is a lot.”
—Lynda Barry, cartoonist


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