‘Court of the Diverse Mermaids’ Coloring Book


A  delightful coloring book full of 30+ original, diverse mermaids. Drawn by Ashland Author Micah BlackLight.

A wonderful de-stressing tool for accessing your creativity while simultaneously celebrating the diverse range of body types, weights, hairstyles, ages and ethnicities on display herein. An excellent gift for the mermaid aficionado as well as the person who’s always wanted to see alternative examples of mermaids.



Court of the Diverse Mermaids was created in order to foster increased appreciation for ethnic diversity in fantasy and art, and even more importantly, appreciation and embrasure of the many iterations the female form can and does take throughout the course of a woman’s life. The female body can come in so many different shapes and sizes, but only a narrow few are regularly celebrated in most forms of mainstream media. Herein is presented an opportunity to imagine sirens of larger, curvier dispositions: bodies with hips and stomachs and rolls as well as more muscled, toned and slender forms. They are ethnically diverse, as a great many of us have yearned to see black mermaids for quite some time. Including a variety of hair styles as well.

This book is designed as an innocuous means of slowly, positively shifting our own self-images. Additionally, how we view others, via the beautifully innocent and creative conduit of interacting with a coloring book. It can be a wonderful tool for subtle empowerment, relaxation, meditation, unwinding, and de-stressing. Within are 30 + wonderfully unique mermaids for your enjoyment. It’s a treat for many ages and it makes a perfect gift!

Disclaimer: A great many of the mermaids depicted in this book have openly displayed nipples/breasts and pubic hair. [How would a mermaid have pubic hair, you ask? I say purchase this book and find out].

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Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in


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