Compersion: Polyamory Beyond Jealousy


Compersion can be defined as the opposite of jealousy. Hypatia, famous polyamorous blogger and inspirational writer, has intensively focused her research on this feeling somewhat unknown to most people.

Through her careful research as well as her personal experience, she has come to the conclusion that compersion is within the reach of every polyamorous individual. However, this feeling of joy towards the happiness of our partners does not happen by chance, or without effort.

Her hypothesis: Each polyamorous has specific individual needs that, once fulfilled, allow them to experience a solid and lasting sentiment of compersion. Hypatia warmly invites the reader on a journey of self-discovery to explore their inner selves to see what their essential compersion needs are.



In Compersion: Polyamory Beyond Jealousy, Hypatia also addresses the fundamental topic of how one can successfully support their partners and metamours in their own journey towards this liberating experience. Last, not least, she evokes the state of mind necessary for those who wish to develop, or integrate more fully, compersion into their lives. Controlling jealousy is great, but cultivating compersion is way better!

Marie-Claude L’Archer is a writer and author who lives in Montreal, Canada. She writes under the pseudonym Hypatia from Space, and has published books on ethical non-monogamous relationships. She also publishes articles in various media and participates in tv interviews and podcasts.

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