Naughty Knots


Learn the ropes of erotic bondage with this discreet knot-tying guide featuring a playful ribbon-tie closure. Follow the convenient step-by-step illustrations and discover how to restrain your partner simply and safely.

You’ll also learn how to fashion a suggestive rope corset, a crop for spanking, and other bedroom tricks that will have you bound for adventure!



This illustrated gift book explores sensual knot-tying techniques with playful step-by-step illustrations.

The art of seduction and the craft of knot-tying meet in Naughty Knots. This small illustrated bondage guide provides more than thirty ways to get “knotty” in the bedroom. It covers instructions for safely binding hands and feet, bondage methods incorporating furniture, sensual-looking decorative knots, as well as a classic burlesque rope routine.

Illustrated without explicit nudity, the steps are as clear as a sailor’s manual. However, the knots have naughty monikers. For example, “The Cat’s Paw,” a staple for fishermen, is employed for foot bondage and renamed “The Pussy Foot.”

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224 pages

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