No Straight Lines: Queer Comics


For the first time, the entire spectrum of four-plus decades of queer cartooning is collected under one cover.

Featuring groundbreaking crossover successes like Alison Bechdel, Howard Cruse, Eleen Forney, Dan Savage and David WOnjnarowicz. Additionally,  international superstars like Ralf König and Nazario and dozens of other cartoonists who have rarely been read outside the greater queer community. Editor Justin Hall has assembled an invaluable piece of comics history and LGBTQ culture.

These comics have forged their aesthetics from the influences of underground comix, gay erotic art, punk zines, and the biting commentaries of drag queens, bull dykes, and other marginalized queers. They have analyzed their own communities, and their relationship with the broader society. They are smart, funny, and profound. No Straight Lines will be heralded by people interested in comics history, and people invested in LGBT culture will embrace it as a unique and invaluable collection.



No Straight Lines showcases major names such as Alison Bechdel (whose book Fun Home was named Time Magazine’s 2006 Book of the Year), Howard Cruse (whose groundbreaking Stuck Rubber Baby is now back in print), and Ralf Koenig (one of Europe’s most popular cartoonists), as well as high-profile, cross-over creators who have dabbled in LGBT cartooning, like legendary NYC artist David Wojnarowicz and media darling and advice columnist Dan Savage. No Straight Lines also spotlights many talented creators who never made it out of the queer comics ghetto, but produced amazing work that deserves wider attention.

308 pages, Paperback

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