The Art of Sexual Ecstasy


The Path of Sacred Sexuality for Western Lovers

This landmark book on human sexuality makes the sacred lovemaking techniques of the Eastern world fully comprehensible to Western readers. Elegantly illustrated, it helps the reader acquire new attitudes and broaden their range of experience, and to revitalize and strengthen relationships.

This book opens the way to a new stage of fulfillment and bliss, extending sensual experience for everyone.



The sexual secrets outlined in The Art of Sexual Ecstasy include: how to prolong pleasure / how to extend orgasms so it becomes a whole body experience / how to recover sexual sensation / how to have a multiple orgasm / how to increase arousal and extend the sexual experience. Also included are many innovative sexual positions for versatility and compatibility.

The emphasis in the book is on transforming sexuality beyond the merely physical, making it a truly spiritual experience. This book is ideal for anyone looking to bring spirituality back into sex, using it to bring the body and soul into union to discover a whole new experience.

“The most comprehensive and clearly written work on contemporary Tantric sex. An exceptional detailed program for both the beginner and the advanced practitioner.” —Herbert A. Otto, author of “Total Sex”.

Margo Anand is an internationally acclaimed authority on Tantra, best-selling author, and much-beloved teacher and founder of SkyDancing Tantra®. Margot’s books, videos, CDs and DVDs are widely regarded as the seminal teachings for integrating spirituality and sexuality and for cultivating the art of ecstatic living. Her popular books are available in numerous languages.

The Art of Sexual Ecstasy. 450 pages. Paperback.

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