The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure


Growing numbers of prostate-owners and their partners are enhancing their sex lives with prostate play. The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure offers prostate-owners erotic pleasure beyond what they imagined possible.

This light-hearted, accessible guide has all the information you need to find and stimulate the prostate (sometimes called the p-spot or the male g-spot), including how to have easy anal penetration, techniques for prostate massage, tips for sex toys, anal sex, strap-on play and pegging, and a break-down of the possible health benefits of milking the prostate.

This book supports all who want to explore this powerful source of sexual fulfillment–both curious and seasoned adventurers who are ready to put their ass on the line for erotic enjoyment.



The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure contains:

  • A friendly, accessible tone
  • Written by a multiple-gender team
  • Gives permission to all sexual interests and lifestyles.
  • Suggestions for talking with partners about prostate play
  • How to maintain prostate health.
  • Important safety and hygiene information
  • Tips and techniques about communication, massage, toys, positions, etc
  • Many suggestions for hot anal exploration–by yourself or with a partner

346 pages. Paperback.

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Weight 20 oz
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