Woke Parenting Zine


Dr. Faith is back with 5 minute therapy! This time, learn 36 critical lessons for approaching psychological care for your kids, including talking about relationships and sex.



Not sure how to talk to your kid about boundaries and consent? How do you teach your kid about the world’s injustices and still let them know they’re safe and loved?

Maybe you’ve been dreading having “the talk” about sex with your kids or future kids or niblings? The bestselling Dr. Faith and Bonnie Scott have some advice based on abundant experience with these talks!

In listed form, this zine covers not just about the mechanics of sex, but rather the important topics that need to come before it: boundaries, consent, masturbation, communication, a good sense of yourself and your role in the relationship.

If you start talking about sex and consent at a young age and in an age-appropriate way (and never stop), then you won’t have to dread “the talk” and hopefully you’ll help create a mindful, considerate adult.

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