CellMate App Controlled Chastity Device


With a CellMate chastity device, control can happen from anywhere in the world!

The keymaster has the power to choose if and when the wearer can be free of this chastity device.

Simply connect the CellMate to the Android and iOS compatible app and let the fun begin–or end.



What is the CellMate?

Find pleasure in chastity with the new CellMate Chastity Device; this unique cock cage can be controlled from anywhere in the world using an app.

How does the app work?

Simply download the app (compatible with both Android and iOS) and connect the device to your unique user ID. The first thing to pop up after connecting to the CellMate will ask if you are a keymaster or wearer. Only the keymaster can choose if and when to unlock the toy; as a keymaster, you can control multiple devices and even name them to stay organized. You can change your role in the app at any time–with approval from the keymaster of course.

For more details, watch this video from CellMate on how to connect, lock, and unlock your new toy.

Why choose the CellMate?

Never worry about keeping track of keys again, as well as preventing persistent users from cheating and escaping. Use the self-locking mode for solo play and training, or play with others using the keymaster option. Keymasters can control multiple devices and see real-time geo location and status. The Cellmate is designed for long time wearing; the battery lasts for 8-12 months and displays a percentage in the app. It’s design is ergonomic and breathable, maximizing wearability for the user.

Should I choose the Regular or the Long?

Start by measuring the flaccid penis. Using a ruler or measuring tape, start at the base of the shaft of the penis and measure to the tip. This will give you the length of the penis and a place to start to decide which size cage to choose. Based on the measurement and how you prefer it to fit pick the size that is best for the wearer.

  1. Find a flexible measuring tape or ruler
  2. Ensure penis is flaccid
  3. Measure from the base of the shaft to the tip of the penis
  4. Note length and choose the CellMate that best matches.


  • Total Length: 100mm
  • Insertable Length: 70mm
  • Total Width: 37mm


  • Total Length: 120mm
  • Insertable Length: 95mm
  • Total Width: 37mm


  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Material cage: Polycarbonate
  • Material rings: Zinc alloy
  • Battery type: CR 14200
  • Available in two lengths (Regular [9.5cm] & Long & [12cm])
  • Two ring sizes included, Ø 47 & Ø 51 mm

Additional information

Weight 12 oz


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