Balldo Penetration Strap


Unlike other strap-on toys, the Balldo Penetration Strap offers a different way to play. This silicone strap goes over the balls and securely creates a rigid shape for play.

This is ideal for folks who struggle to get or maintain an erection, those wanting more stimulation to the balls, and anyone who wants to experience the Balldo!

Balldo includes two spacer rings for a customizable fit, and to create more rigidity for security during play.



What is it?

The Balldo Penetration Strap is the first ever sex toy that allows the user to penetrate a partner with their balls! With three years of development and testing and over 100 prototypes being made, the Balldo is now refined to deliver maximum pleasure combined with ease of use.

Balls are sensitive! They have almost the same amount of nerve endings as a vulva; they are often overlooked for stimulation, but that can change with this unique toy. It perfectly encapsulates the tissue in a soft, body-safe silicone cage behind the cone-shaped tip. Balldo helps get the users balls into a partner with thrusting, creating an intense experience for everyone involved.

How does it work?Balldo Image

Balldo is comprised of three main pieces. The penetrative piece involves a cone-shaped tip, with a soft stretchy ring to easily fit over the balls. Inside this piece is a firm inner core to help maintain rigidity during play. Additionally, Balldo comes with two spacer rings. These aid in making the balls rigid for penetration; add or remove them as needed to enhance the experience.

Prepare for use by ensuring a hair-free area to avoid pulling, and add a generous amount of water-based lubricant. Then, stretch the soft ring over the balls to the desired placement. If spacer rings are wanted, stretch them over the Balldo until the level of rigidity feels good. Last step is to play!

Who can use the Balldo?

As long as you have balls, Balldo is made for you. This device works great for anyone seeking new experiences of penetration. It opens the door for folks who struggle to achieve or maintain an erection by utilizing the balls for penetrative play. Age, medication, and stress can all impact the strength of an erection; Balldo takes the stress out of play by creating a consistently rigid option for penetration. Alternatively, use Balldo during longer sessions to increase recovery time or to avoid ejaculation sooner than desired.

Balldo Penetration Strap Specifications

Balldo is made with soft, body-safe silicone, including a firmer inner core to create stability during use. The inside diameter of the Balldo ring when not stretched is 30mm / 1.18 inches . When fully stretched, it is big enough to fit the average fist through it – this should allow it to be pulled over most balls with ease. Balldo includes a hygienic, reusable case to store it when not in use. It should be cleaned with warm water and a gentle, unscented soap. Allow to fully dry before tucking away into storage.

Why is this product in our Sex and Disability / Sex and Age category?

Baldo is an adaptive device that is designed to allow penetration without the need for an erection. Some people are unable to get or maintain erections due to age, ability, or life events. But that doesn’t mean that these people no longer desire penetration. The Baldo removes the penis from the penetration equation completely, instead allowing one to use the testicles to penetrate their partner. This is a revolutionary new pleasure option that does not require an erection to participate in!

Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 4 in


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