Milo 3 Ring Set


Milo 3 Ring Set is a great option for folks beginning their cock-ring journey, as well as those looking for a variety of options!

The three nubbed rings can be used individually or in combination to create a build-up of pleasure. Mix and match to your hearts desire!

Super soft platinum silicone for easy wearing, these stretchy rings fit a wide variety of sizes.



The Milo 3 Ring Set pack is a robust set of three cock rings. The balls on the rings give this pack a tough, as well as sensual, look and feel. These cock rings can be worn just on the base of the penis or around the penis and scrotum. They can basically be worn the way that feels the best. They are super soft, while providing enough support to maintain an erection when you want it!

Depending on what feels best, Milo can be worn at the base of the penis to start with. Alternatively, stretch out the ring to compress the whole package! Try different sizes in different places and wear them in combination to explore different outcomes. Remember to gently release the ring and position them to maximize your pleasure.

Made with soft platinum silicone, Milo can be cleaned with warm water and a gentle, unscented soap! Pair it with your favorite Water Based Lubricant to add slippery fun to your play. Not sure if Milo is the best ring for you? Check out our blog, “How to Wear a Cock Ring” to learn more, and shop our full collection of c-rings!

Milo 3 Ring Set Sizing


  • Inner measurement 23mm / 0.91inch
  • Outer measurement 46mm / 1.81inch
  • Width 12mm / 0.47inch
  • Weight 8gr / 0.28oz


  • Inner measurement 23mm / 0.91inch
  • Outer measurement 56mm / 2.20inch
  • Width 17mm / 0.67inch
  • Weight 20.5gr / 0.72oz


  • Inner measurement 23mm / 0.91inch
  • Outer measurement 62mm / 2.44inch
  • Width 20mm / 0.79inch
  • Weight 29.5gr / 1.04oz

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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