Thunder Bunny Rechargeable Vibrating Ring


Thunder Bunny Rechargeable Vibrating Ring is ready to hop into action with a super powerful motor and 10 intense vibration modes.

Designed to help the user stay harder, longer with the double-ring feature.

The bunny ears vibrate and pulse to create pleasure during play, either for the user or a partner during penetration!

Rechargeable, waterproof, and runs up to 45 mins.



The Thunder Bunny Rechargeable Vibrating Ring packs double the security with the double ring design; helps the user maintain an erection for longer with more intensity, while the bunny ears provide rumbly vibration for the user or for a partner during penetrative play! Use solo for a high-intensity stroking experience, or pair with penetration for a fun couples toy.

  • An extremely powerful motor! The Thunder Bunny Rechargeable Vibrating Ring has 10 vibration modes to choose from, ensuring pleasure for the user. Not only is this cock ring powerful, it is rechargeable! No more batteries needed; just plug it in to the charging port on the side of ring and get up to 45 minutes of play–USB charging cord included of course.
  • One button control makes this c-ring easy to use and eliminates possibly frustrating moments in the bedroom. Just a simple click changes the pattern and intensity!
  • Velvety smooth silicone makes the Thunder Bunny Rechargeable Vibrating Ring comfortable for the wearer and any other folks involved. Easy to clean with warm water and a gentle soap, and perfect to pair with a toy-safe lubricant!
  • Take this toy in the shower or tub for a splashing good time! The Thunder Bunny is submersible, so it is safe to use in and under water.
  • VeDo offers a 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty, which can come in handy if there is a defect in your toy!
  • Optional travel-lock mode for portable fun without fear of an embarrassing vibrating accident in your carry-on.

Thunder Bunny Rechargeable Vibrating Ring Specifications:

  • Length: 9.5cm
  • Inner diameter: 3.2cm
  • Includes Thunder Bunny, charging cord, toy manual, in addition to a travel lock guide

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Why is this product in our Sex and Age category?

Because c-rings work by subtly hugging the package and gently restricting the flow of blood out of the penis, they are one of the most most popular choices for older people who have trouble keeping erections. While erectile abilities can vary dramatically throughout life, blood flow in general tends to decrease with age. And because erections rely on robust blood flow, older folks tend to make up a larger share of people who find it challenging for them to maintain an erection. Thunder Bunny Rechargeable Vibrating Ring is an ideal choice for those who need some assistance staying hard. With not one, but two rings to offer customized restriction on the shaft and testicles, Thunder Bunny offers a unique but comfortable squeeze that helps you stay harder, longer.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 7 in


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