Nova Kegel Exercise Ball Set


For daily exercise or postpartum recovery, Nova are the perfect choice for you.

Inside of every Nova ball, there’s a built-in moving metal ball. As you walk, run or swim, the metal ball will collide with the inner surface, The sensation may be subtle, but the continual stimulation will help strengthen your pelvic muscle with your every move.

Nova is made of silicone which is 100% waterproof. These balls were designed according to the kegel exercise theory especially to help rebuild pelvic strength after giving birth.



This set of three Nova kegel balls have three gradual increased weights for different exercise needs.  Effective kegel exercise helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle, improving health while bringing sexual benefits and satisfaction.

Phase One: (49 g)
For first time use. Help your body adapt to the sensation of the ball. Recomended use of the 49g single ball is about 30 minutes each day, for about 30 days.

Phase Two: (75 g)
After your body has adjusted to the single ball, you can use the 75g double ball to increase the exercise intensity. Exercise for 30 minutes each day, for about 30 days.

Phase Three: (95 g)
When you’re up to the challenge, upgrade to the slim 95g double ball. Wear for as long as is comfortable!

Usage Notes:

1. Use Nova while walking, running, swimming, dancing or doing housework, instead of sitting or lying still. Because these movements can also make the balls themselves move, the pelvic muscle will be more thoroughly stimulated.
2. If you begin to feel pain during use, stop using the balls. If pain persists, consult your doctor as soon as possible.
3. Do not use the ball after surgery or until 3 months after giving birth. For other special situations please consult your doctor.
4. Do not use the Kegel Weights during pregnancy or during your period.

Made by Svakom.

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Weight 18 oz



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