Aloe Cadabra Natural Organic Lubricant


Aloe Cadabra is an all natural, body-safe personal lubricant made with more than 95% organic Aloe Vera!

FDA cleared, Aloe Cadabra is edible and body safe. And since Aloe Cadabra rebuilds our body’s mucosal tissues, and helps us create more moisture naturally without chemicals.

Aloe Cadabra is our best selling, staff-pick for water based lubricant!



Aloe Cadabra is an all natural personal lubricant for intimate pleasures made with more than 95 percent organic aloe vera. Experience the smooth and silky organic surprise that eliminates dryness with the power of aloe vera.

Pleasurably conditioning, nourishing, and hydrating, Aloe Cadabra is rich in essential vitamins and nutrients. pH balanced to insure harmony with your body, Aloe Cadabra is also compatible with all toys!

Add a pure, luxurious sensation to your intimate moments. Open up to ecstasy while freeing yourself from harmful chemicals!

The original Natural formula is free of scent and taste. If you are interested in something a little sweeter, try Aloe Cadabra Flavors! Looking for something with more sensation? Check out Aloe Cadabra Peppermint Tingle!

Aloe Cadabra’s Best Qualities:

  • Contains Vitamin E to nourish while lubricating
  • Can be used as a topical cream to moisturize and lubricate dry vaginal tissues
  • Thick, luxurious, and soothing feel
  • Certified organic ingredients
  • pH balanced for vaginal use
  • Edible and made with food-grade ingredients
  • Absorbs naturally into vaginal tissue so no gooey, sticky mess
  • Allows for glide, ease and effectiveness
  • Supports body’s natural healing process by carrying vitamins and nutrients to skin
  • Helps restore natural vaginal moisture
  • Natural Organic Lubricant
  • Compatible with natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms.
  • Comes in bottles of 2.5oz/71grams

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Vitamin E Oil (Mixed Tocopherols), Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Food Grade Sodium Benzoate, Food Grade Potassium Sorbate , Organic Vanilla Planifolia Concentrate

Why is this product in our Sex and Age category?

Aloe Cadabra was originally designed as a post-menopausal vaginal moisturizer! Because it was designed by and for people people who are going through menopause, or who have been through menopause, this is our best-selling lubricant, especially to older people. The secret is in the aloe-based formula! Aloe is incredibly moisturizing, and can even help rebuild damaged mucosal cells. What that means is that using this product regularly can actually help your body produce more natural lubrication of its own! Many people even incorporate this lubricant into their self-care routine by pairing it with their favorite kegel balls or dilator set, or applying it daily with a lubricant shooter as a vaginal moisturizer.

When you consider its formula, it’s not hard to understand why Aloe Cadabra is the doctor-recommended choice for older people, people who are post-menopausal, people who are healing from surgery, or experiencing vaginal dryness.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 1 in


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