Rainbow Loop Flogger


Think kink is all black leather and heavyweight impact tools? Think again! With this super-light rainbow flogger by Everest, you’ll be able to bring a little color into your kink.

Featuring lightweight, looped falls for a sensation that’s extremely versatile, this flogger is perfect for those who want a toy that’s easy to handle  but can still boast a surprising amount of sting.



This flogger is vegan-friendly, and made of multicolored nylon ropes. The falls are in designed into a loop, giving the finished result a more polished feel. The handle is made of more nylon roped braided together, creating an allover rainbow effect that is sure to stun. Attached to the handle is a braided loop of blue nylon to allow for easy handling & storage.

Because each Everest product is handmade, slight imperfections in the material are to be expected.

This flogger has very thin falls, and although it is lightweight, when swung with enough speed, the sensation is extremely stingy. We recommend this flogger primarily for intermediate impact play.

Total length: 31″
Handle length: 9″

Additional information

Weight 8 oz


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