Baci Robotic Clitoral Massager by Lora DiCarlo

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Looking for a new kind of clitoral stimulation? Look no further than Baci by Lora DiCarlo.

Baci is a premium robotic external massager designed for the clitoris. Experience the mind-blowing feel of a mouth, anytime you want it.

Baci delivers two types of clitoral stimulation simultaneously. Clever, patent-pending microrobotics create the sensation of lips and tongue stroking and sucking, while a unique full-coverage design and smooth ridges provide rhythmic thrumming everywhere you need it. The pressure builds gradually towards an epic orgasmic release like nothing you’ve felt before.



Baci Robotic Clitoral Massager is equipped with a clitoral mouth that uses airflow technology to mimic the feeling of a human mouth and tongue lightly sucking and stroking over the glans clitoris, mimicking the focused attention of a talented partner.

At the same time, the smooth ridges of the clitoral stimulator rest within the outer labia and provide rhythmic thrumming throughout the full body of the clitoris – above and below the surface.

Once your Baci has arrived, remove it from the box. Grasp the bottom of the device with one hand and gently squeeze the sides. With your other hand, push down on the top of the cap and twist, just like you would remove a childproof cap on a pill bottle or the lid on a jar. Then turn it on to turn you on!

Clitoral Stimulator: 2.4 X 1.7 IN
Total Length: 3.5 IN

We recommend taking your time and exploring to find the best way to use Baci for your unique anatomy, but to get started: place the clitoral mouth against the glans clitoris some people prefer to completely encircle the clitoris, others press it to the side or over the clitoral hood. Spread the outer labia and press the ridges of the clitoral stimulator against the lower part of the vulva, against the inner labia. If you need more guidance, Lora DiCarlo’s comprehensive User Guide walks you through using your Baci.

Only use water-based lube and personal moisturizers with Baci robotic clitoral massager. Do not use oil or silicone-based lube as they can damage the device.



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Weight 35 oz

3 reviews for Baci Robotic Clitoral Massager by Lora DiCarlo

  1. Avatar of Lemissa


    I cannot say enough good things about the Baci. I have tried a handful of air pulse toys, each one better than the last and the Baci takes the cake!! The micro-movements beneath the little mouth that mimic the sensation of humming are out of this world. I could not feel those movements with my hand in the store, but I definitely noticed them against my much more sensitive parts. The suction, for lack of a better term, was intense without being too intense. This is a great toy for riding the edge of an orgasm. The shape of the Baci does not lend itself to penetrative partner play because it takes up a significant amount of real estate, but it does fit very well nestled between the thighs for a hands free experience. If you want a blended orgasm using the Baci, I recommend pairing it with an egg shaped internal toy. I give the Baci a 12/10.

  2. Avatar of Em W.

    Em W.

    This toy is a new favorite in my collection; I already have 2 other air pulse toys so I’m pretty familiar with this style of toys. The size of the toy isn’t comfortable to hold long term, but I found that it fits really well between my thighs so I can position it, close my legs, and have a hands-free experience! This is something I can’t achieve with the other air-pulse toys I have. The external part that simulates thrumming was a big bonus that made the whole experience a lot fuller and more pleasurable for me. Pairing it with lube elevates the intensity of the air-pulse as well. Easy to clean and store, the Baci is one I will incorporate into play on a regular basis.

  3. Avatar of LouiseR


    Holy cow this takes air pulse to a whole new level!! I’ve been attached to my old trusty satisfyer for far too long now. As soon as the Baci was announced I knew it was at the top of my Wishlist. Let me tell you, between the intense pulsing and the humming and thrumming of the little plate, I was in heaven! The Baci fits right into my palm and feels comfortable against my body. My other air pulse toys are collecting dust on the shelf. It also came in the prettiest box and with a nice little carrying bag, which made me feel so luxurious!

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