Kip Lipstick Vibe by Dame


Why choose Kip?

This ergonomic vibe provides broad OR targeted stimulation. Waterproof and intense, this Lipstick Vibe has five speeds to explore and experiment with.

Kip is rechargeable via magnetic USB; its compact size makes it perfect for travel!



Introducting: Kip, the Lipstick Vibe by Dame

Your new old friend.

Kip is designed to be familiar and simple, putting enhanced features and lots of power into a small, classic design.

Get a grip.

Kip’s prism-esque profile makes it easy to hold from many angles. Its rounded edges and soft silicone allow it to sit in your hand like an ergonomic pencil, so you can deliver vibration with pinpoint accuracy.

To the point.

Kip’s gentle tip delivers intense vibration exactly where you need it. Its cupped face provides broad vibes to your whole vulva. Additionally, the soft, bendy point flutters at higher speeds for precision pleasure.

Additional information

Weight 7 oz



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