Tyler Vibrating Ring


Tyler is a simple c-ring, designed with textured nubs to enhance sensation for a solo or partnered experience!

Tyler is designed to enable the wearer to have better penetration performance. Tyler helps the receiver enjoy better external stimulation. Both partners can feel the powerful vibration & 25 different sensational sexual experiences at the same time.



Tyler Vibrating Ring is a cock ring designed for a couple with an adventurous intimate lifestyle. Tyler not only helps to prolong a the wearer’s stamina, but also helps in stimulating the receiver with a soft vibrating contoured pad made of body-safe silicone nubs that intensify the stimulation. Tyler’s powerful vibrations will satisfy both partners at the same time while focusing more on a simultaneous orgasm.

Because Tyler only has a 1 hour charging time, this cock ring is ready to go whenever you need it and lasts up to an hour. Explore the 5 vibration modes and discover what feels best.

Tyler Vibrating Ring Specifications:

● Size: 80*42*42mm
● Inner diameter: 29mm
● Weight: 31g
● Water Repellency: Splash-proof

Why is this product in our Sex and Age category?

Because c-rings work by subtly hugging the package and gently restricting the flow of blood out of the penis, they are one of the most most popular choices for older people who have trouble keeping erections. While erectile abilities can vary dramatically throughout life, blood flow in general tends to decrease with age. And because erections rely on robust blood flow, older folks tend to make up a larger share of people who find it challenging for them to maintain an erection. Tyler Vibrating Cock Ring is the ideal choice for those who need some assistance staying hard. Its ring is stretchy enough to be comfortable, yet small enough in diameter to still provide snug restriction.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz


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