Jive Wearable Vibe


Jive by We-Vibe™ is a wearable hands-free G-Spot vibrator that’s comfortable to wear and whisper-quiet.

Enjoy its powerful rumbly vibrations in the bedroom or wear Jive out and about to make everyday activities more exciting!

The gentle shape is comfortable in any position: standing, sitting or laying down. Jive also pairs with the We-Connect app to allow you to play close together or from miles apart.



Jive Wearable Vibe by we-Vibe comes with 10+ vibration modes, or  you can create  your own custom vibes using your app.

The external, flexible arm rests on outside of your body, while the internal vibrator is inserted, offering a perfect fit. Put panties on and everything fits perfectly! No matter how you move or flex, Jive stays exactly where it belongs. ​

Play in the same room! Jive is Bluetooth® enabled and works with your smartphone. When playing in the same room you simply pair your phone with Jive through the We-Connect app. For best results, connect from up to 30 ft of direct, line-of-sight distance and approximately 20 ft of 360-degree range. These are under ideal conditions (legs uncrossed, retrieval stem/antenna exposed) with little to no interference.
Or play from anywhere! Both you and your partner download the We-Connect app to your smartphones. Jive is paired to the phone that remains within Bluetooth range of the vibrator. Add your partner with an invite from the app. Enjoy pleasure over any distance.

Why is this product in our Sex and Disability category?

Because Jive is an internal wearable toy that can be controlled by phone app, Jive does not even need to be touched in order to deliver pleasure! Once it is inserted to the proper place, you can simply lie back and use your phone to adjust to your pleasure. Because of its comfortable shape, Jive can be worn whether you are seated or laying down, making it an ideal hands-free choice for folks who are wheelchair-bound, or who have limited reach. And thanks to Jive’s app-controlled abilities, you can also share the love with anyone, anywhere — all you need is an internet connection and the We-Connect app!

Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 4.5 × 7 in



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