Booster Rabbit

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This unique rabbit comes with two sensational functions. The external arm offers high-powered vibrations directly to the clitoris with the help of bunny ears. Meanwhile, the internal arm rotates rapidly for a g-spot massage that you’ll never forget.

As an added bonus, push the booster button to amp up the intensity just when you need it most. Find the boost you need!



The unique Booster Rabbit comes with dual stimulation for both clitoral and G-Spot focus. Soft silicone rabbit ears vibrate while the internal G-Spot stimulate rotates, creating a unique pleasure. Separate buttons for vibration and rotation make it easy to focus stimulation and the Booster button provides an extra boost for 10 seconds to boost orgasmic pleasure.

Seven vibration modes and three rotation speeds make anything possible!

1-Year Warranty

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1 review for Booster Rabbit

  1. Avatar of Em W.

    Em W.

    This was one of my first rabbit toys, so it has nostalgia for me. I do like that the vibration is exclusively in the external portion; if it is internal as well, it can become overwhelming quickly. The rotation is a unique feature, but it becomes harder to notice after time. It seems most effective when using the “turbo” feature, but that can only be used for 10 seconds at a time. Solid toy overall, but could be improved on.

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