Ass-Berry Vibrating Plug




The Ass-Berry Vibrating Butt Plug is a juicy packed zing for between the cheeks! Sexy, succulent and just perfect for the fruitiest of moods. This clever berry-shaped toy will sweeten up play time and is a real delight for the derrière! Raspberry Ass-Berries is the perfect size and shape for beginners, giving hours of intense pleasure.

It uses a powerful yet discreet water-proof vibrator to provide waves of stimulating pleasure, and the flared base means that Zing will stay put even during extended play. Or you can use the Ass-Berry holding it externally against your clitoris, scrotum or perineum.

Requires 1 N Battery, Included

For a quick cleaning, simply wash with soap and water.

Take care when using your vibrator for the first time, vibration can be intense.

Press button(s) to switch on / change function
Hold button(s) for 2 seconds to turn off.


Clean your vibrator thoroughly before and after each use with sterilising fluid or toy cleaner. Wipe clean if not waterproof.
Do not use alcohol-based products or undiluted detergents as this may damage the surface of your vibrator.
Take care when cleaning your toy, remember it is an electrical item and moisture can damage your toy and also react with batteries.
Store your vibrator in its own packaging or in the protective case sleeve if provided with the toy, as contact with plastic bags or other vibrators may cause damage to its surface.
Vibrators are electrical and motors may become warm with use. If you feel your vibrator is getting unduly warm, switch off and allow it to cool down.
Always allow your vibrator to cool down before storing in a safe place.
Waterproof toys are intended to be used in water but only when fully assembled in accordance with instructions. (See diagram).


To avoid injury or aggravation of pre-existing conditions this device should not be used on swollen calves or unexplained calf pain.
If you are unsure or pregnant – Please consult a doctor before use.
By following these simple guidelines we are sure your new sex toy will give you great pleasure… Many, many, many times.
Please retain all packaging since it contains important information.
Not for use by persons under the age of 18
In the interest of hygiene once the packaging has been removed, the item is non-returnable. Statutory rights are unaffected.

WEEE: This product is classified as Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Should the time come for you to dispose of this product, please ensure that you do so in accordance with the European Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive and compliance with local laws relating to this directive.



Do not mix different types of battery brands, or mix new and used batteries, as this may affect the performance of your toy.
Only use the recommended type of batteries, as stated on the package.
Batteries must be inserted with the correct polarity (+/-)
The supply terminals should not be short-circuited, i.e do not bridge terminals with metallic material.
Do not use rechargeable batteries.
Non-rechargeable batteries are not to be recharged.
To maintain battery life, remove batteries after each use and before cleaning, this will help to keep your toy in optimum condition.
Exhausted batteries should be removed from the product and recycled in accordance with manufacturers recommendations.
Store your vibrator in a clean dry environment as moisture can damage the batteries and the motor.
Take care when using oils and lubricants that they do not enter the battery compartment as they can react with batteries.

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Weight 7 oz


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