The Best Buy for Your Booty

Three people stand facing away from the camera. The photo is focused on their butts and the top of their thighs. They are a range of skin tones and sizes, and each wears a different neutral color of underwear. The background is gray.

Welcome to Anal August, that special time of he year when we celebrate the booty and all its potential for pleasure. Anal play is more popular than you might think — take it from us! Butt plugs are consistently one of our bestselling product families, and we have customers of all genders, anatomies, ages, shapes, sizes, abilities, and relationship structures who are interested in exploring the wide world of butt stuff. After all, every body has a booty!

Of course, no one needs to participate in anal. Some have had poor past experience, and others simply aren’t interested — and that’s ok! But if you’re only hesitating to explore butt stuff because of social stigmas or nerves, we want to give you the tools you need to make sure that nothing holds you back from appreciating all the pleasure your booty can bring.

So where should you start? While every body is different, and no two people want the exact same things from a toy, there are some lessons to be learned from the good experiences of others. The following toys are our bestselling butt plugs of all time. These reviews were written anonymously from our staff, customers, and friends of the store. So if you’ve been wondering about the right plug for you, we compiled this list to compare the best features of the most popular picks.

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Our Favorite Body Safe Toy Materials

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Our Favorite Body Safe Toy Materials: We’ve talked about the importance of making sure your toys are made from body-safe materials because toxic toys are out there (but not here at As You Like It)! Well today we are talking about some of our favorite toy materials all of which are body safe and non porous,…

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How to Care For Your Sex Toys

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Your sex toys will last longer and be safer if you learn to care for them properly. But there are so many kinds of toys, and no two are alike. How do you know how to clean each toy? The sheer amount of information out there can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’re here to…

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