What Every (Leather) Boy Should Know:

  • It’s okay to ask questions; just be respectful.
  • Not everybody is/should be/wants to be an alpha.
  • Do what you’re told. Being a “naughty” boy is fun sometimes, but I personally find the joy of Sir getting complemented on her boy’s behavior much more rewarding than the attention gained from acting out in public.

  • It’s not a contest. Occasionally at play parties and the like, I will psyche myself out by watching other people getting beat. No one is judging you based on how much you take. And if they are, they’re jerks and should be ignored anyway.
  • Boys are really important. Just because you’re submissive or non-dominant doesn’t mean you aren’t worth your weight in leather.
  • The quality of your person is not improved based on how big your toy bag is or how much leather is on your body.
  • You can take more than you think you can.
  • Just because you’re a good boy doesn’t mean that you’re always going to get your way.
  • Sirs need aftercare too.
  • Aftercare is not something you earn. Aftercare is something you get after a scene. NO MATTER WHAT.
  • Subspace is to beatings what orgasms are to sex. It’s nice to get there, and it’s enjoyable, but it’s not always what it’s about.
  • Trying something and deciding you don’t like it is totally okay.
  • Trying something and deciding you don’t like it but then changing your mind and trying it again later is also totally okay.
  • Always take care of your boots, if nothing else.
If you’re looking for more information on sub/Dom or bottom/Top relationships, I recommend these two books by Dossie Easton & Janet W. Hardy:
  • The New Bottoming Book
  • The New Topping Book

Adisson is alpha of House V, along with his duties as the Wearer of Many Hats at As You Like It.

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