Deciding on the Right Nipple Clamps

Deciding on the Right Nipple Clamps

A Quick Guide to Clips and Clamps

We really appreciate our customers and an overwhelming amount of you have had a plethora of questions about nipple clamps! We hope this quick guide alleviates any reservations you have about incorporating them into your playtime.

Clamps are commonly associated with the kinkier side of bedroom play and are quite popular in the BDSM scene because they provide a sensation where they are applied to the body. The sensation is created because clamps increase blood flow to the area. Clamps provide a heightened sensitivity to the body and for some translates as pleasure, not pain. There is a fine line between pleasure and pain and clamps provide a way of exploring your limits. The BDSM scene isn’t for everyone, but I encourage you to invite aspects of BDSM you are curious about into your safe place for exploration.

Clamps have been around for what seems to be forever. Pretty much anything that can provide a pinch can be used as a clamp. The classic that many people think about are traditional wooden clothespins. These can still be found on the market, but provide little adjustment in pressure. Nowadays, manufacturers provide not only the wooden clothespin, but also clamps made from nickel or brass with rubber tips. The rubber tips provide a safe barrier which allows even those with skin sensitivities to try out the metal clamps. These new styles are not just for nipples either! Clamps can be applied to the clitoris, taint, testes, penile shaft, or any place where a small part of flesh can support a clamp.

Adornment versus Pressure

When you are deciding on a pair of clamps, there are a few things to take into consideration. Firstly is your own personal pain limits. Clamps come in two styles, adjustable and non-adjustable. Adjustable clamps are more popular because they offer a degree of pressures to diversify your play time. A generalization that may help you decide is the thinner and narrower the tip, the more pressure that will be applied. A great place to test the pressure is on the skin between the index finger and thumb or your earlobe. In our Eugene location, we actually have floor models for many of our styles so you can feel the pressure before buying!

With the industry becoming more mainstream there are more options for clamps than ever before! If you are interested in wearing clamps to provide a visual stimuli for yourself or partners, you may want to look into clamps that have accessories like feathers, colored glass beads, or colored metal clamps. Shown to the right are Adjustable Tweezer Clamps with Glass Beads, which come in various colors to match your style!

Clamps can also come attached to collars or in a ‘y-style’ which has three clamps connected by longer strands of chain that allows you attached to both nipples and genitals all at once!

Store and Customer Favorites

Magnetic Weights: If you are into the look of nipple piercings, but not the commitment, these are for you! These ultra strong magnets go on either side of tissue and create a pressure. The longer they are worn, the more intense the sensation! Plus, they look like a piercing without the poke.

Butterfly Clamps: These are not just my favorite; tons of our customers enjoy them as well! When you tug on them the clamp actually increases the pressure on your nipple. Other clamps require an adjustment of the clamps separate from pulling on them. This allows you to just keep going! They are a heavier clamp, and are not for the faint of nipple.

Tweezer Clamps: These made it on my list because they are so versatile. Coming with a tiny metal ring around the clamp allows you to adjust the pressure easily at any time. Many companies use the tweezer clamp when designing more ornate clamps because of their ease and versatility.

Care and Cleaning

Since most nipple clamps are made out of metal, caring for them is relatively easy. Begin by taking a clean towel and wipe off any excess fluid off of the clamps. Then, use warm water and a gentle soap to fully clean them. Be sure to remove the rubber tips before washing to fully clean. Once air dry, be sure to store them in a dry place to avoid bacterial growth and moisture build up.

Hopefully this guide was helpful in guiding you to the clamp of your dreams!

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