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As a small, queer owned business, we pride ourselves on catering to lovers of all kinds! In our store, you'll find a curated selection of products that make anyone feel proud of who they are.

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In the past, we have hosted a wide variety of fun and informative sex-positive classes, and workshops to serve our community. However, due to the COVID pandemic, all of our workshops have been postponed until further notice. But don't worry -- they will return!

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An earth & body-conscious sex shop!

As You Like It is an eco-conscious, green, gender-inclusive sex toy shop that honors the diverse desires and needs of our community. We encourage healthy and satisfying sex lives by offering a high-quality selection of non-toxic, body safe sex toys, lubes, and many other eco-sexy goodies.

We are women owned and based in Eugene, Oregon.

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New From Our Sex Toy Experts

Three people stand facing away from the camera. The photo is focused on their butts and the top of their thighs. They are a range of skin tones and sizes, and each wears a different neutral color of underwear. The background is gray.

The Best Buy for Your Booty

By jackie | July 22, 2022

Welcome to Anal August, that special time of he year when we celebrate the booty and all its potential for pleasure. Anal play is more popular than you might think — take it from us! Butt plugs are consistently one of our bestselling product families, and we have customers of all genders, anatomies, ages, shapes, sizes, abilities, and relationship structures who are interested in exploring the wide world of butt stuff. After all, every body has a booty!

Of course, no one needs to participate in anal. Some have had poor past experience, and others simply aren’t interested — and that’s ok! But if you’re only hesitating to explore butt stuff because of social stigmas or nerves, we want to give you the tools you need to make sure that nothing holds you back from appreciating all the pleasure your booty can bring.

So where should you start? While every body is different, and no two people want the exact same things from a toy, there are some lessons to be learned from the good experiences of others. The following toys are our bestselling butt plugs of all time. These reviews were written anonymously from our staff, customers, and friends of the store. So if you’ve been wondering about the right plug for you, we compiled this list to compare the best features of the most popular picks.

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Two people stand with their arms around each other facing away the camera to ward a blue sky with white clouds.

What Can Monogamous People Learn from the Polyam Community?

By Melissa Padgett | June 21, 2022

These days, polyamory is gaining in popularity. With so many people going poly, it can feel like everyone is leaving monogamy behind. But the truth is that polyamory isn’t for everyone. Some people will feel more fulfilled, connected, and secure in monogamous romantic and sexual relationships than they do with multiple partners. And that’s ok!

It’s important to remember that non-monogamy is not more inherently ethical than monogamy. Any kind of interpersonal relationship requires open and honest communication, and sexually or romantically monogamous relationships can be every bit as radical, affirming, freeing, and intentionally cultivated as non-monogamy. But like all people with opposing views, there are some things to be learned from polyamory, even if you’re more into monogamy.

So what can monogamous people learn from the poly community?

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A person wrapped in blue fabric stands in front of a background made of abstract colors overlapping and blending into one another. The person's hands are outstetched, with one holding a glowing orb that floats above their hand. Toys for Trans folks image.

Toys For Trans Folks: A Spectrum of Experiences

By jackie | May 25, 2022

It’s the time of year that we bask in the glow of queer and trans joy, show up even more powerfully for our LGBTQIA+ community, and continue to practice a radical acceptance and love for each other. Whether you are trans, gender nonconforming, nonbinary, or somewhere on the genderqueer spectrum — or you love someone who is — now is a great time to show up for that community through love and acceptance. At As You Like It, we believe that this radical love and acceptance can come in the form of the pleasure we get from using sex toys. But what do sex toys have to do with gender?

Much of the sex toy and adult pleasure industry would have us believe that toys are geared toward either men or women based on which their assumed genitalia. But this assumption leaves a huge gap in the sex toy market for those of us who do not fit neatly into the categories of cisgender man and woman.

Despite what some might believe, sex toys can help affirm and even realign our pleasures based not just on what our bodies physically look like, but also based on the fluidity and creativity that we want to encompass with our bodies.

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